Elizabeth Carter

The Paradoxical State of Existence

‘The lines of horizon shatter, twirl around and superimpose’ – Hito Steyerl.

Liminality is generated from the Latin word Limens, which translates to ‘Threshold’. Therefore by definition, liminality is the transitional phase in which you’ve travelled out of your current state, yet have not reached your destination, meaning you’re in a state of in-between.

This series focuses on challenging human perception, which consists of the desire for balance and stability. You, being the audience, are key participants in the concept of this work. Your participation and reflection will create an illusion of liminality, where you will physically and mentally become part of the work, through reflection on your own experiences and changing the composition of the piece whilst remaining in real time. A reflection shows a different perspective of a piece as well as allowing one’s self to reflect upon their previous encounters.


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