Beverley Purdy


Who is it we are interacting with online, do we really know? Over the past few months an Instagram account, of a constructed persona has been sharing images online. Those images don’t need language to be understood, or a passport to cross borders. A photograph is understood, we use our own experiences and knowledge to attach meaning to interpret them. We are saturated by photographs on Instagram, constantly swiping to the next one, quickly forgetting what we have just seen. Guy Debord states in The Society of the Spectacle, the spectacle is not a collection of images, it is a social relation among people mediated by images.

For my final presentation for this exhibition, I have used those images and the social relationship that has occurred and made those into a precious object, a hand bound book, across three volumes. Each photograph is printed at a size of 6cm square, as an acknowledgement of the large format cameras used in professional photography. Each of these books contain an aura of myself and a uniqueness that cannot be completely replicated. The books are deliberately small, enforcing a personal relationship with them, much the same way that we have a personal relationship with our phones.