Cloud Keane

Smile Baby

"This body of work explores parent’s obsessions with showcasing their children with clichéd photoshoots which allow them to feel included in trends. There seems to be a need to buy expensive photo sessions which make each child look a particular way often conforming to gender stereotypes even in chosen colour schemes.

This work explores those photographs and their codes and conventions so as to replicate them in an exaggerated manner using adult models to highlight some of the issues raised.

The work also aims to find a way of answering the question “where do these trends come from and what is their purpose?”

The purpose of the work is to highlight how peculiar some of these trends are and to question the need for perfection and how this need has impacted the use, or overuse, of photo editing software.

For this body of work to be successful, I had to first explore pre-existing photographs of young children and try to replicate this by creating similar lighting conditions and replicating the basic shooting style and editing styles. This was one of the most important factors in creating this piece of work; as many of the photography studios taking pictures of children tend to be in well lit rooms making use of natural light, I had to transform the studio lights into a kind of fake window which would provide the same kind of lighting. The aim was to replicate the flat images which were coming out of studios around the country following trends in colour schemes and set up without being particularly interesting. Choosing to use an adult model, meant I could really highlight the ridiculousness of these trends, as well as showing the similarities between adult fashion shoots and the milestone photographs."


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