Jodie Hogarth

‘One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman. No biological, psychological, or economic fate determines the figure that the human female presents in society.’ (Simone De Beauvoir 1974:281)

Female bodybuilders are often seen ‘as rebels or “deviants”, as freaks of nature’ (Coakley and Donnelly, 2004:243) as they break the constraints of the gender binary. These women don’t conform to the hegemonic values of femininity; they are seen to have the stereotypical attributes of male masculinity.

My project documents several women as they prepare their bodies for the competitive bodybuilding season. Through a series of candid images and portraits I aim to show the immense amount of hard work and dedication involved in this transformation and how they are able to break through gender stereotypes.

‘You don’t have to be soft; you don’t have to be weak. You can be strong, you can be muscular…and at the same time be feminine.’ - Lady Lisa Lyon


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