Jordan Jones


An exploration into sleep deprivation and the lights that keep us up at night.

Standby is a project that documents eight people who struggle or have struggled with insomnia. Insomnia is a medical/psychological condition which causes people to not have a structured or regular sleeping pattern. People who suffer from this condition have issues with getting to sleep and staying asleep. The premises for this body of work came from my own issues with insomnia. One night I laid in bed unable to sleep staring at the green light on my bedroom’s alarm. This made me realise that when the human body does not sleep our mind begins to wander, and at night in a dark room these small lights will play on your mind even more.

The images composed for this project document the mix of shadow and light that are cast around people’s bedrooms at night. The portrayal of light and dark is shown through minimalistic imagery that uses bold contrast and colour, to act as a metaphor for being awake and asleep. My focus for this work was to capture the small details of my selected model’s bedrooms to see what plays on their mind at night when they cannot sleep. As well as the documentation of the bedrooms, each model had a portrait taken to characterise whose bedroom was documented, as well as looking at the physical side effects of insomnia.