Oliver Oglesby

This work has an avid focus around commercial image. With direct reference to the imagery within advertising, the purpose of this work is to apply a professional standard of production to my own conceptualised advertisements or editorial commissions. In its totality, the body of work produced should reflect a coherent understanding of genre convention within commercial boundaries. Reproducing the same standard of visual fidelity as real-world commissions was a specific goal, with attention to subject lighting and the composition of each image. Exploring experimental techniques, in production or in post, allows each selection of images to act as their own body of commissioned work, each with their own specific visual uniqueness and/or message. As a method for fulfilling this project, I implemented prior specification of conceptualised commission briefs. This would allow me to practice working around a brief and become creative within those limitations, pushing the limits of my own professional practice, and the process of my personal commercial production.


Website - www.oliveroglesby.com

Email - oliver.oglesby123@gmail.com