Ryan Walsh

Documenting the Anthropocene

This project focuses on how everyday human activity is impacting green spaces around us. The images force the viewer to have a sympathetic view upon the land, and the surrounding environments depicted. Viewing pollution through a lens made of waste materials, plays on how anthropogenic waste, even as seemingly small and insignificant as a piece of litter, has a degrading impact upon the environment. The natural aberrations and soft-focus blurring effects remove the viewer from the reality of the problem, thus distracting the viewer from the ultimately negative impacts of pollution through aestheticising. Each image is made of up to 80 separate images and automatically stitched using an algorithm. The use of automation to form each image resonates with how, as humans, we can drop litter or fly tip and automatically forget about it, as if it is an insignificant action that holds no real impact to others or the environment around.


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